• Amy Shannon

Unbroken Souls by Amy Shannon

Unbroken Souls by Amy Shannon

A collection of Poetry.

When I write novels and stories, the thoughts come directly from my mind, my imagination and go straight to paper. The characters are the voices in my head.

However, when I write poetry, it comes straight from my soul to paper. There words I write in prose are not thoughts but the only words I can use to describe what is part of me, inside of me.

About this book: I was inspired by an author friend of mine, the late Renee Robinson, who encouraged me to my poetry into a collection to share with the world. She was the first one to read my collection. (Her review of my work, w hich still inspires me, is in the Editorial review section on this book's amazon page).

Today (March 6, 2019) this book of poetry is FREE on Amazon.com. Click the cover image to purchase the book.

Featured Poem: (This poem is written specifically for Renee Robinson, who lost her battle with Cancer in September of 2014)

Fight (For Renee)

Staring at the sky Light blue covered in white clouds Slowly it fades to navy Slowly it turns black Black haunting the earth Twinkling stars emerge from their sleep Blackness still haunting the earth Forcing the moon to hide Aiming towards the souls Taking and draining the lives Time to fight and beg for light Hope and faith threaten to fade Time to fight Blackness haunting the earth Blackness draining the soul Time to fight and beg for light Time to open our eyes and see Blackness fades to orange, yellow, and purple Sunrises


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