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Restless Whispers By Amy Shannon

Restless Whispers By Amy Shannon

Hush-sh-sh-sh, hush-sh-sh, hush-sh-sh-sh A peaceful wind gently rustles through the grass, Bringing whispers on the blades Darkness encompasses the tall stones Resting on the smaller stones Shadows restless waiting for dusk lingers, Baiting the spirits Eliza wakes and roams, reaching for Edward Bathing in the moonlight, Roaming in the grounds Her white dress drapes over the blades of grass Leading spectators away, Hiding from the wandering eyes of infrared light and flickering shutters Pouting and wailing, while searching Searching for peace Longing for eternity Gazing upon the waters, drenched in reflections Of trees and sky, and the brilliant moon. Darkness casts the light as she moves along the tips of the water Desires to rest Desires for eternal peace Giveth O’ Lord eternal peace Eternal harmony Eternal spirituality Sh-sh-sh-sh

From the Poet: This poem was written specifically for a local writing contest in my hometown of Ballston Spa, NY. There are some "ghost" stories that surround our local Ballston Spa Cemetery. I entered this poem and read it allowed at the local Brookside Museum's Ballston Spa Cemetery Association Event. When I wrote the poem, I went to the cemetery, notebook and cellphone in hand. My son William, took photos with the cell phone, while I wrote several pages of notes. I then returned home and created this poem and entered it.

Link to my reading this poetry at the event on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyppPWHJh-M


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