• Amy Shannon

Voting Starts Today!

Vote for your favorite title of 2019. Voting runs from December 2nd to December 15th. Voting is done on my voting page via the form on http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/amyshannonblog/vote

The list of authors and their book titles is there, and if a book was nominated, but the author didn't respond to confirm participation, it is not valid for voting. I don't do anything without the permission of the author, as I need complete participation to move forward.

I invite all authors and readers to vote, but please, do not vote for yourself. This is supposed to show support to Indie Authors, and also give them a little bit of free publicity for their work. Some of the authors listed are debut authors in 2019.

All nominations are also counted as votes, so each author has at least one vote. This is a top 20, so titles who get the most vote and fall within the top 20 will be winners. I also will recognize all works that were nominated.

So, vote, and celebrate Indie Authors and their hard work.


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