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Coming March 3rd: "All of my Yesterdays" by Amy Shannon

"All of my Yesterdays" is a collection of poetry, verse and

thoughts. It is the third book of this type that I have published, (Unbroken Souls and Tattered Words are the others).

March, as it is every year on this blog, is Poet Appreciation Month, so I am releasing my poetry book to coincide with this event.

Readers will be able to nominate their favorite Poets in February so they can be featured in March. Details to come next year.


"All of my Yesterdays" by Amy Shannon

All of my Yesterdays is a collection of my inspirations and how I am affected by many of my reads and listens. Yes, it’s more than just reading the words, but listening to the words, the sounds, the songs, the lyrical melodic tones that tell the story. Whether it is written, told, or even sung, words are inspiring. Gives a new life to my own words, thoughts, and ideas.

To inspire is to allow breath, And to give and receive, thoughts, ideas and stories


This book will be exclusively on Amazon, and be available in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Preorder your kindle version here.


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