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Happy Birthday to Contrary Measures

Contrary Measures was originally released May 30th 2006 under the name Amy Witkowski. Since its original release, the book was rebranded, updated and released on October 1 2017 under the name of Amy Shannon.

Blurb: **Truths transform into lies as emotions clash with broken memories.**

Rayna Larson lost her entire life in a single moment. On the edge of impending loneliness, she sets out to find something ... something that will improve her new life. Clashing emotions and memories contradict each other, making Rayna wonder about what was and how she will get to will be. Soon, she finds herself nursing a mysterious man who literally drops at her feet. The connection she feels for the familiar stranger, Ethan Phillips, is something she can't even deny. Trust becomes a big issue as pieces of her old life fall into place, and yet, others disappear. Rayna wonders if she can trust herself, her feelings for Ethan, and any answers she gets about her old life. In some ways, Ethan is a big help, and other ways, he’s more secretive than she realizes, especially when she realizes that his secrets overlap with her own past.

Who took her life away and who wants to keep it buried and locked away in her mind forever?

Contrary Measures is only available on Kindle and Paperback on


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