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Amy Shannon's Professional Services

Amy Shannon is a writer, professional book reviewer, editor, literary promoter, and Literary consultant. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, a Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education and Training, and Masters of Business Administration with Accounting Degree. Amy offers editing, proofreading and formatting services. I have editing experience in academics and technical writing, and fiction and non-fiction work. Amy will edit most any documents. Amy editing services consist of content, copy, and editorial feedback editing.

Amy now offers social media management services, which entail a social media consultation, and then other services to help authors create and/or maintain their social media. Amy also has Marketing Plan and Business Plan documentation services to help professionals map out their goals for one book or many.

​Just a note that any manuscripts or documents sent, will be confidential. Amy will not disclose any or all of the content that is read or edited. After the author sends confirmation that he/she has gotten the final product, the document will be deleted, and the printed version, shredded.

Documents that are edited:

Technical Documents (System Specs, Help menus, Strategy, etc...) (I used to be a Senior Software tester, so I am familiar with editing these types of documents.

Academic documents (I'm familiar with APA and MLA citation document formats)




Confidential Company documents (Business plans, marketing strategies, etc)



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