A New Perspective: Genre of the Month ... starting next month!

I was inspired today. I was reading a children's book, but really it was a dog's memoir, his parent wrote it for him, and it inspired me. I was thinking how many adults actually read children's books (if they're not reading it to a child). So, here is what my inspiration led to.

Starting on June 1st, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, is declaring a specific support your "genre" authors month. Each month will a featured genre, and that genre will take priority of getting reviewed, as there will be a genre of the month Bookshelf. Any title that fits in this category, that is already on one of the bookshelves (except for release date reviews or blog tour reviews), will be moved to that bookshelf. Those will go down in order (even with multiple titles from the same author). This genre also includes my Banned Books Bookshelf.

If you don't have a title on one of the bookshelves, for a donation of $5.00, your requested title will be put on the end of that shelf. It is now on the Amy's Library page at https://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/bookshelfreviews/amys-tbr

Also, to add to this, if you are a READER of one of the genre's books, and have posted a review on your blog, or Amazon, or whatever, you can email me at amysbookshelfreviews@gmail.com and share that review with me. Not only will I post that review on my blog, but also share it on social media, and link the post back to your website.

Yes, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is allowing other reviewers (the reviews must follow the policy of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, so no vulgar language, and only 3 stars or higher.) (More information given to any one who would like to participate). There is another option as well. If you write in this month's genre, and you have had good reviews about your book (not counting mine, if I reviewed it already), to share the review with me, and I will add that review to the "Honorable Author's Web page."

June will be "Children's Genre Month." (Children includes 0-18 years old, so children, teens, young adults and it can be either fiction or non-fiction).

Go to Amy's Library page, and scroll or select the "Genre of the Month" bookshelf, and it will bring you there. The books will be placed on that shelf the day before that particular month. Any books I do not get to in order to review, will go back to the position they were at on another bookshelf. (Of course all books I accept, get reviewed). The genre of month list is next to the bookshelf, so authors will know when the genre will be part of the month. And this does NOT mean that other books's reviews won't be posted.

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews wants to recognize books that don't get as many reviews or reviewers' genre preference as other genres.

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