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Attention: Children and YA Authors

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews and The Official Blog of Amy Shannon has made June's Genre "Children and YA." Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will be adding the children's and YA books on the June Genre's Bookshelf on Amy's Library, and that particular genre (except for releases) will take priority to get reviewed. Other books will still get reviewed, but the majority are for YA and Children. If you don't have a book on a bookshelf now, but want it, send an email to and discuss your book.

The Official Blog of Amy Shannon is offering children's and young adult authors (or even authors that are children) to have a blog showcase. The cost is only $5.00 per blog post (a 25 dollar discount), and during the month of June, these blog posts will feature authors, and all that's needed, besides the $5.00 is an image that represents the author or brand, a bio (under 500 words), list of books (up to ten, or list just the series names), and website or social media information. To be a genre featured author, email

This will run on both blogs.

Thank you.

Amy Shannon


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