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Important Updates!!!

I updated the spreadsheet, so if you still have an older version that is not dated 8/23/2022, you can get rid of that, and download a new version (On the review and requests page) or you can ask me to send you the updated one via email at

This does mean that I am back to work after a very chaotic and hectic move. If you like sending me signed print copies of the book, or just print copies without a signature, my address has changed. If you need it so you can update your records, you can email me and I'll provide it. Print copies are not necessary, but I like getting them. They are remarkable gifts to me. And if you send a print copy, I will still need a digital copy as well.

This week I am playing catch up, so please be patient with me. I will be posting a few reviews today. And if you have a title, you want reviewed quicker, you do have the option to move it to another shelf for a quicker turnaround time. (Optional).

Also, don't forget that if I've read your work before, you can send me a direct email, and not have to fill out a form. Your email can have your copy of the spreadsheet, book information, and a digital copy of the book. You can also tell me why I should read your book, but make the pitch short, less than 100 words, please.

Thank you

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews


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