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Depths of Characters: A writer’s resource & workbook for character building by Amy Shannon


I write with a certain writing style, not unique, but what I create, what and who comes out of my imagination is unique. I write character and dialogue driven stories, and I love, embrace, and sometimes hate my characters. I’m only human, so I try to make them human. Not in a straight-forward good versus evil way, but the long, drawn out, zig-zag human way that life is, living, dying, and returning back to life. I look at the human condition, mankind, human beings, but not every character is a human. That’s where the storytelling comes in. As writers, especially fiction writers, our characters are created within the story, and they are developed within the story.

I’ve been writing since I was a child; back then it was mostly short stories and poetry (which I am still adept at), but I was a storyteller, not always writing my stories on paper, but sharing them with others. I think I still do, whether I write them down or not. My experience comes from creating characters, observation of others in their natural or unnatural environment, writing, writing, and writing. I’ve also earned my BA in English, and learned a lot of the techniques of writing, and creating characters. Not just creating the typical protagonist or antagonist, but a character, who is much more than that.

Paperback available now. Kindle available for pre-order


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