July 22, 2019

I hope that one day, when I write, I will inspire. That is my 


ultimate aspiration, to inspire, as I am inspired by people, by music, by words, yes most definitely words, and by life. 

As I was putting together a collection of my poetry and other thoughts for my new project "All of my Yesterdays," I realized I need more content, for it to be what I want it to be.


Recently, I read a book ("Not Quite the Classics") written by comedian Colin Mochrie (best known for being a regular on all the series of the Whose Line is it Anyways? Franchises) and he was inspired by taking the first line and last line of a classic book, and writing the story in between. (So, maybe someday I may try something like that). But this gave me the idea of using what always inspires me, and adding my own touch to it, so, for part of this collection, I call "All of my Yesterdays," I am taking song titles (some well known, some maybe not so much, or just considered to be oldies or beyond oldies) and writing a poem to fit the title.


I found it was a way to open up creativeness, and it also lets me just write the words and feel good about writing, and then, when I look to my other finished projects that still need to be edited, I can do that with ease. Or, when I'm looking at my list of WIPs, I can see clearly where I want to start, and which one I want to tackle as my next current project.

Just a thought, inspired by others, and hoping to inspire others, somewhere, some time. 


Stay tuned for when "All of My Yesterdays" will be released. 

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November 12, 2019

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