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  • Amy Shannon

An exercise in Character

In the new few weeks, I will be a releasing a series of posts

about characters. More to the point, some of my characters. I have interviewed them and will be posting the results of the interview. When I look at my stories, I realize that I have a lot of characters, especially in the MOD Epic Saga, that has over 650 characters (both main, primary, and walk-in). I think there is a difference between a main character and primary character, and then walk-ins are sometimes the "red shirts" of the story and other times, they are just part of the story to keep it flowing, such as a reporter, receptionist or whatever.

When a writer creates a character, it is not just a drawing or one dimensional word on a page, the character has traits, identifiable marks (or speech patterns), a back story and something unique about them, even if they seem ordinary. The characters should be relatable, but not always likable. Sometimes it is best to create a character that everyone hates, and can't even be redeemed. That's the fun in writing. Anything can happen and anyone can be anyone.

So, my characters have endured a bunch of questions about themselves and their lives. Enjoy and I hope you take the time to read them, and maybe want to dive into one of their stories.

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