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  • Amy Shannon

Character Interview: Elliot Marshall

Book/Series: Passionate Retribution Series

Occupation: NYPD Detective (First Grade)

Where do you live?

New York City.

In three words, describe yourself.

Intelligent, trustworthy, compassionate

Good versus evil.

I’ve seen both sides, and know that there is an in-between. Not one person is all evil or all good.

Tell me a little bit about your family.

I was married. I’m an only child. My mother and sister passed away years ago, and my father is a former Police Captain. He’s a good man, but he’s rough around the edges. I don’t think he likes Carly much, but she did break his jaw.

What is the most important thing in any relationship?

Honesty. It goes along with trust.

Who is your best friend?

I haven’t had someone I was that close to in a long time.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

The family cabin in upstate New York.

What is your strongest trait?

I look out for my partner.

What is your weakest trait?

I feel like I’m always the back up and not the one who goes charging in to save the day.

What is your favorite drink (non alcoholic)?


What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?


What’s your favorite snack food?


Favorite music genre and artist?

Oldies Rock and Roll, like Elvis Presley or the Beatles

Pet peeve

Those who have no sense of honor or loyalty

Biggest regret

Giving my ex wife a target for revenge

Happiest moment

Letting go and moving on

Elliot Marshall first appeared in Passionate Retribution as Carly’s former partner.

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