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  • Amy Shannon

Character Interview: Andrea Wallace

Book/Series: Profilers Series

Occupation: CPA/Bank Manager

Where do you live?



Most people call me Andi

In three words, describe yourself.

Analytical, observant, aware

Good versus evil.

There is a line between good and evil, and even good men can cross that line. Sometimes when someone hates themselves or their own actions or beliefs, they turn evil.

Tell me a little bit about your family.

My mother passed years ago. My father left when I was three. My mother’s boyfriend, Simon, became my father even though he didn’t get chance to marry my mother. Carla is my best friend, and sister. We grew up together, and when her parents died, my mother raised her as her own.My German Shepard, Ralphy, is also a major part of my family.

What is the most important thing in any relationship?

Trust and loyalty.

Who is your best friend?

Dr. Carla Secada

Do you have any disabilities or handicaps?

Just my stalker. I think having a stalker can disable a person or create a handicap.

What is your strongest trait?

I read people very well.

What is your weakest trait?

Something about me attracts stalkers.

What is your favorite drink (non alcoholic)?


What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?


Pet peeve

Liars, followed by those who choose to ignore

Biggest regret

Making eye contact with my stalker the first time we met.

Happiest moment

Bringing Ralphy home.


Andrea Wallace first appeared in the book “Prowl”.

Author Note: Currently there are two books in the Profiler Series, “Prowl” and “Preyfiler” but there may be another one coming soon.

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