• Amy Shannon

What's it about? "Unwritten Connections: Rising Depths by Amy Shannon"


Unwritten Connections: Rising Depths is the third book in the "Connections" Series, which is in the Sars Springs Saga, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon.

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If you haven't read other books in the series, this post may add a few spoilers so be cautious.


Sars Springs has always seen its share of interesting and even evil residents, but when the evil is hidden or even lurking in the shadows, everyone who lives and works in Sars Springs is a possible target. Welcome to Sars Springs, AZ. Where the residents are a close-nit family, whether related by blood or not. Rising Depths refers to the fear of not only the known evil of the past, but the unknown that swarms and haunts the town. Walk along the streets and come into the homes of the most prominent citizens and watch as their worlds are turned upside down.

So, what's this really about?

Evil is close at hand, and it comes directly from the past, and has a target.

What happens next? Book 4 in Series 5 is "Unwritten Connections: Doomed Immortality"

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