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  • Amy Shannon

What's it about? "The District: Districtive by Amy Shannon"


The District: Districtive is the first book in the Sars Springs spin-off series called "The District" Series, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon.

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The new series can be read separately from the Sars Springs Saga, however, it is the recommendation to read the entire Sars Springs Saga and then start on "The District" Series.


A spin-off from the Sars Springs Saga, this story begins the transition for some of the residents of Sars Springs to the new city only referred to as the District. Rules, contracts, and requirements are placed on the residents of the town, which is designed based on Sars Springs, Arizona.

The District, located outside of Washington DC is an extension of a military base that houses armed forces of all branches of the service. The residents must obey and follow the rules of the Director. Survival counts on the obeying of the rules but can a town be created with the intention of ruling the lives of its residents? Especially when some of the residents are forced to live in the District, when all they want is to go home.

So, what's this really about?

Survivors of the massacre in Sars Springs are forced to live in The District as payment for their reentry into life, from death. Introducing Director Francis Gage.

What happens next? Book 2 of the District Series. "The District: Disarray"


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