• Amy Shannon

What's it about? "Unwritten Connections: Retrospective Legacy by Amy Shannon"


Unwritten Connections: Retrospective Legacy is the eighth book in the "Connections" Series, which is in the Sars Springs Saga, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon.

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If you haven't read other books in the series, this post may add a few spoilers so be cautious.


Fear and anger spread through the town as the painful pasts because front and center in their minds. A tragic accident adds to Dr. Raina Markum's stress level as she had to care and raise another child.

Dealing with her own disability, clues start to unravel as a new face settles down in Sars Springs and is here to stay ... but is he who he says he is?

Ely Haskell falls head over heels in love, finally, as his mother and her law partners become the targets of a mad man.

Will the anger from the past be put to rest as reconnections with family are drawn together?

Life and death, as always, plays a part in the lives of the residents, but will it be more life than death or the other way around?

So, what's this really about?

Raina loses part of her foot and has to deal with her new disability, all the while dealing with raising her little sister, who just became an orphan.

What happens next? Book 9 in Series 5 is "Unwritten Connections: Torturous Souls"

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