• Amy Shannon

What's it about? "Soulful Journey: Tribulations by Amy Shannon"


Soulful Journey: Tribulations is the second book in the "Soulful Journey" Series, which is in the Sars Springs Saga, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon. This is the final series in the Sars Springs saga, but NOT the M.O.D Epic Saga.

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If you haven't read other books in the series, this post may add a few spoilers so be cautious.


Life comes with a price. Sometimes it may cost an arm, a leg or even a foot … or just another life. In Sars Springs, there is always a surprise, for good or for bad, at every corner. A happy homecoming may be more than Dr. Marcus Markum hoped for, when he finds one son coming home for amends, while another fights for his life on his surgical table.

Mayor Mick Dix finds himself with a vast amount of struggles, when he attempts to find happiness with a new relationship, but when tragedy hits close to him, he finds himself struggling between helping his grandfather and the memory of his late wife.

When shots are fired in the ER, lives are changed forever, just as Dr. Raina Markum finds herself with her own struggles.

When does the price of life become too high?

The trials and tribulations that face the Sars Springs residents may impact them for the rest of their lives.

Who will pay the price and who will face it head on?

So, what's this really about?

Marcus returns and Mick struggles with his past, while Raina tries to keep her family together.

What happens next? Book 3 of Series 6. "Soulful Journey: Spirituality"

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