• Amy Shannon

What's it about? "Soulful Journey: Spirituality by Amy Shannon"


Soulful Journey: Spirituality is the third book in the "Soulful Journey" Series, which is in the Sars Springs Saga, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon. This is the final series in the Sars Springs saga, but NOT the M.O.D Epic Saga.

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If you haven't read other books in the series, this post may add a few spoilers so be cautious.


There’s a sense of peace in Sars Springs until a new wave of back from the dead residents return. Familiar faces are taking the town by storm, with links to the FBI and the past connections with town residents.

Parents have to focus and worry about their children, both young and old, when they have to face the things that could tear them apart. Not all parents are made the same and it becomes horribly clear when more than one puts a child in danger.

The feeling of spiritually comes from the feeling within oneself and how others are perceived. Sacrifice can be the best gift life has to offer.

So, what's this really about?

New returns, more goodbyes, and Ken finds his son in dire straits.

What happens next? Book 4 of Series 6. "Soulful Journey: Revitalizations"

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