• Amy Shannon

What's it about? "Soulful Journey: Sacred Retaliation by Amy Shannon"


Soulful Journey: Sacred Retaliation is the sixth book in the "Soulful Journey" Series, which is in the Sars Springs Saga, which is part of the M.O.D Epic Saga written by Amy Shannon. This is the final series in the Sars Springs saga, but NOT the M.O.D Epic Saga.

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If you haven't read other books in the series, this post may add a few spoilers so be cautious.


Terror strikes Sars Springs when children end up missing. The entire town buckles down and searches every inch of the town and the outcome is worse than anyone can imagine. Xavier faces a near-death situation and he must decide on his own fate. His decisions takes him in the direction of learning more about his family, even those he thought were ashamed of him. Terry and Raina do their best to overcome their own disabilities and pain as they try to help others in the town. When one of their grandchildren is afflicted with a terminal illness, they do their best to help her, even sacrifice their own health. Life is proven to be more sacred than ever as little ones have to suffer due to hands of monstrous adults. Will they become more victims or survive to live another day?

So, what's this really about?

Chad is taken, and other foster boys are showing up dead around town. Xavier is dealing with a shift in his spine, and needs assistance from Raina and Terry. Terry sacrifices his own pain to help his granddaughter, who needs his bone marrow.

What happens next? Book 7 of Series 6. "Soulful Journey: Fiery Resuscitation"

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