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Rebranding my Saga

In the next few weeks, most of the books from my Sars Springs Saga and The District Series will be pulled from

publication. I am in the process of rebranding the Sars Springs Saga/The District Series which has been called the MOD Epic Saga, by eliminating the separate series that split the Sagas. The new brand will be called "MOD Life Epic Saga". M is for Markum. O is for O'Roark. D is for Dix, but that's just the beginning of a new "life" for all these characters.

In this process, the first nine books in the Saga will still be available for publication, but each book will gain a new cover, along with the new brand logo on it, and a volume number. Some of the titles will be rewritten titled, by adding the word "life" into the title. The series indication on each of the titles will be removed, except for the District books, which will now be called "The District's Life" and it's Main Title. The covers will be different, as well, showing a similar theme for all to make it more conducive to the story lines and plots.

This is a long process and I will have official release dates for the other titles. Slowly, most of the books will be removed from publication, and when I republish them, I may add some or all titles to Smashwords as well.

If you enjoyed any of the Sars Springs books, I hope you look forward to this new and exciting rebranding process.

The books will be slowly pulled from amazon, and my website dedicated to the MOD Epic Saga will be slowly revamped. Currently, anyone can visit the website at http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/sarsspringssaga

I hope readers will still be interested in Alex, Jim, Matt, Raina, Steven and Terry, along with the rest of the residents of Sars Springs AZ.

Thank you

Amy Shannon

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