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First of First:  Smashed: A Savvy Macavoy Story

First of first #firstoffirst refers to the first chapter in the first book in the series.

Blurb: Savvy Macavoy is not your typical private investigator. Her braids, jeans, and sandals always give off a unique impression on her clients. Savvy has lived an interesting life and with her best friend, Leonard at her side, loves living her life, her way. She isn’t ashamed of her childhood spent on the hippie commune, but has an estranged relationship with her six brothers.

Savvy is attracted to her whiskey but tries to maintain being professional when she’s working for clients. Savvy thought everything in her life was under her control, until she met Strick, a veteran forced into the homeless life on the streets. When he crosses her path, without thinking or forethought, something about Strick draws her into him, and she immediately helps him.

Savvy tries to focus on her case, enlisting Strick’s help, to search for the missing late husband of wealthy widow Angelica Margolis. Strick and Savvy try to solve the mystery of “The Missing Harold.”

Chapter One

Savvy Macavoy strutted into the Capone Pub, a local bar set up to be a 1920s speakeasy, and sat down at her usual spot at the bar. She slapped the bar with the palm of her hand. “Order up.” She snickered. Adam turned around and smiled. “Savvy, it’s still early.” He smiled. “Short day.” She said. “Make it a tall glass.” “Rocks?” “I guess, but only two pieces, and fill it up with the good stuff.” She crossed her brown corduroy covered legs, and pressed her sandal up against the bar base. “On your tab?” “Nah, today, I got paid by one of my clients.” She pulled out a wad of cash from her front pocket, and pulled out three one hundred dollar bills. “Use this to pay off last month’s tab and then whatever is left over, I’ll drink it off.” She put the remaining money back in her pocket. Adam poured her a tall glass of whiskey and added two ice cubes and three slices of lime. He set it in front of her. “You’re gonna drink 150 dollars worth of whiskey?” “Nah, I’ll get some food in an hour or so.” She smiled, sipping the drink he put in front of her. “Can I get you anything else right now?” “No, I’ll be fine.” She lightly tugged on the few strands of hair that were out of place in her pigtail braids of her auburn hair, that had a few purple streaks in it. “You should come home with me.” Adam grinned. “Adam, you don’t want someone messed up as me.” She drank down her whiskey and tapped the glass on the bar. He filled it up and added more ice. “Savvy, seriously?” “I don’t date. I don’t have sex. I just work, and sleep, and –” her voice was stoic and firm. “And drink.” He muttered. “I’m over 21. It’s allowed.” She snapped at him. “If I’m bugging you so much I can go back to my office. Hmm, maybe I should, an empty office is better company than you are.” “Calm down. Don’t get your tie-dye panties in a bunch, Savvy. Harry would kill me if I sent you away. Just take it easy. I’m just surprised you haven’t opened an office in the corner over there.” He pointed to the booth in the far, dim lit corner of the bar. “You think you’re so funny.” She sipped her drink. “I don’t drink on duty. I’m a professional. I don’t come here to be insulted by you.” She slowly stood up. “I’m sorry, Savvy. Take it easy. Just relax. I’ll have Ted throw in a pizza for you.” “Pepperoni, sausage, onions, and hot peppers. And add hot sauce on the side.” “Whatever you want. Just sit down. I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s your business.” Adam walked away. Savvy rolled her eyes, not my type, she thought to herself when she noticed another man at the end of the bar staring at her. “What?” She glared at him. He shook his head and focused on his drink. When Adam returned to the bar, Savvy noticed that his boss, Harry, followed him. “Tell on me?” She snickered. Harry, an older man, with salt and pepper hair, wearing all black except for a thin red tie, hanging loosely around his neck, looked at her. “Get a table. I’ll be right there.” He commanded. She reluctantly saluted, grabbed her drink, and headed over to that dim lit booth in the corner. Harry looked at Adam. “She’s not as bad as usual.” “She got a big payment today. She even paid off her tab.” Adam explained. “And gave it an advance.” “Let me know when her food is done. I’ll be with her.” Harry confidently strode over to Savvy. “What’s it this time?” “What?” She muttered. “The money, where’d it come from?” Harry crossed his arms. “If you must know, I got paid from my case.” “Which case?” “It’s confidential, but it was a major case. Not some run-of-the-mill cheating spouse case.” She explained. “I didn’t get it at the track. I didn’t steal it. I don’t gamble anymore. I swear. I got it from a case. That’s all. Most of it’s going into the bank. I just took a detour here.” “What kind of case requires the payment in cash?” He sat down in the curved booth next to her. “The kind who doesn’t want a paper trail.” She muttered. “Who the hell do you think you are? You’re not my father. You’re not one of my brothers.” “Sunshine Rainbow Savvy Macavoy, I am your father.” “Don’t play that fowl crap or speak my free-love name again. Please. It was sperm. Not sex.” Harry put his hand on her hand and patted it. “Sunshine, I’m sorry. I just promised your mothers that I’d take care of you.” “I know. I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean to act like a brat, but I am an adult. My own woman. I’m not going back to gambling, I swear.” She drank down her drink and waved to Adam behind the bar. “He should just leave the bottle. I paid my tab.” “All right. Just sit here and drink all you want, just promise you’ll eat and when you’re ready to go home, you’ll let me take you.” Harry kissed her cheek. “Yeah, I promise.” She nodded and waved him away. Harry stood up and walked toward his office at the far end of the bar. Adam walked over to Savvy and placed the bottle of whiskey on the table. “You sure you don’t wanna come home with me?” “I think if Harry knew what you were saying, he’d kill you.” “What’s it with him anyway? He thinks he owns you or something.” Adam sat down, uninvited. “He’s my biological father, not that it’s your concern or business. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to drink alone.” Adam leaned in. “I thought you didn’t have a father.” “Everyone has a father.” She muttered and drank down her whiskey, pouring another glass. “I suppose. So, Savvy, tell me your story.” “Adam, go away.” “Oh, come on. I’m sorry about coming on to you. You’re in here every day, you sit at the bar, usually from six to close, but today it was earlier, for some reason. We can be friends. Hell, all I do is serve you drinks and food.” “Well, there is a reason for that.” She snickered. “And what would that be?” “You’re the fowl bartender. Adam? Why am I so interesting?” “You’re beautiful, Savvy. You could do more, be more, but yet, you sit in this bar every night …” “I am who I want to be.” She grunted. “I am a private investigator and that takes up most of my life. If you really want to know about me, I am the straight sheep of the family. Harry is the only family that I’m close to and that’s probably my fault.” “Straight sheep?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah, my mothers are, um, were lesbians. Harry gave them sperm to create their children. He was their best friend. I have six brothers and they’re all gay. Yup, every single one of them. The only thing we have in common is that we all like guys. Now, just because I don’t date or go around having sex doesn’t mean I’m not straight.” “You said mothers were …” “Yes, they’re dead. They both died. You know that airline crash three years ago, the one that crashed into the ocean?” “Yeah, the one from Paris, right?” “Yes, my mothers were returning to the states from visiting my brother, Romeo.” “Romeo?” “Yes, Romeo and his husband, Jacques, live in Paris. They died. That’s it. Anything else?” “Uh, no, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be. I’m not always a bitch, I do sleep sometimes.” She laughed. Adam shook his head. “Friends?” “I suppose.” She extended her hand. “But stop trying to get in my pants, or you won’t be anything.” “Did he really called you Sunshine Rainbow Savvy?” “Yes, my mothers had this thing about free love and nature names. Harry just wanted to get my attention. However, if you ever repeat that, I’ll shoot you. Understand?” “Where’s your gun?” He chuckled as he stood up. “Pointing at your crotch.” She grinned. “See? What you need to know about me is that I was trained as a sharp shooter. I just didn’t quite make it as cop. I have an issue with authority, so I’m a PI. That’s the way I like it. Can I get my pizza now?” “I’ll bring it right out.” Adam walked away. Savvy drank down her whiskey and poured another glass. “God, I wish he’d just leave me the fowl alone.”


Hope you enjoyed chapter one of "Smashed: A Savvy Macavoy Story". You can purchase the book to finish by clicking on the book cover.

Next book in the series ... "The Relic: A Savvy Macavoy Story"

Smashed is part of the Savvy Macavoy Series, which currently has two books, both being standalones.


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