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  • Amy Shannon

Old Story New Read: Chains by Amy Shannon

#OSNR is Old Story New Read is a new set of promotions for my book that I wrote and have published years ago, but to gain new readership. I'm introducing my "old" stories to new readers, and hope that other authors will follow the same.

Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Lawrence was kidnapped from the steps of her middle school, and taken by Dr. Shawn Channing or as she knew him, “Mister”. Channing kept her chained in his basement dungeon, while he enslaved her and kept her for years. With some inner strength she never knew she had, she survived, the torture and abuse. As she grew up, she truly believed she would never leave and see her family again. Then on day 3855 of her captivity, she was rescued. Take a journey with Ronnie on how her strength keeps her alive, even when her body is damaged and broken. Can she survive outside of Channing’s prison-like manor?

Excerpt: Ronnie stared out the car window, breathing slowly as she listened to her Aunt Sadie humming. She turned and noticed the smile, something that probably hadn't crossed her aunt's lips in a long time. She couldn't believe she was home. It was almost a dream. She stared down at her ankle and the dog collar was gone. No more chains. No chains at all. But she still felt them. The chains around her neck. The chains around her wrists. The chains around her mind.

Characters: Veronica "Ronnie" Lawrence Sadie Lawrence Yvie Brian "Mister" Shawn Channing Paul Braumbaugh Detective Jennifer Jensen

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