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  • Amy Shannon

Old Story New Read: Contrary Measures by Amy Shannon

#OSNR is Old Story New Read is a new set of promotions for my book that I wrote and have published years ago, but to gain new readership. I'm introducing my "old" stories to new readers, and hope that other authors will follow the same.


Rayna Larson lost her entire life in a single moment. On the edge of impending loneliness, she sets out to find something ... something that will improve her new life. Clashing emotions and memories contradict each other, making Rayna wonder about what was and how she will get to will be. Soon, she finds herself nursing a mysterious man who literally drops at her feet. The connection she feels for the familiar stranger, Ethan Phillips, is something she can't even deny. Trust becomes a big issue as pieces of her old life fall into place, and yet, others disappear. Rayna wonders if she can trust herself, her feelings for Ethan, and any answers she gets about her old life. In some ways, Ethan is a big help, and other ways, he’s more secretive than she realizes, especially when she realizes that his secrets overlap with her own past.

Who took her life away and who wants to keep it buried and locked away in her mind forever?

Excerpt [Rayna] peeked out of the doorway and noticed a man lying on the ground. She looked around and didn’t see anyone else in the alley. Carefully, she walked up to the man. Her mind told her to keep walking and go home. Something about the way he was lying seemed familiar. She shook her head, as she got closer to him. as she bent down to check on him, he grabbed her ankle. “Please, help me,” he pleaded. “I’ll get you some help,” Rayna offered. “No, you have to help me. Please, get me out of here,” he said weakly. “I’ll call the police.” “No police. I need your help,” his voice broke. She kneeled beside him and helped him roll over. Blood poured from his body, but there was so much of it, she couldn’t see where it was coming from. She looked in his sad, painful eyes. “I’ll help you. Do you think you can stand?” Rayna asked. “I don’t know. It burns really bad,” he said, as he tried to sit. He held his chest. “I don’t think I can get up.” “My apartment is only a few blocks from here. Let me go and get my car,” she said. “You have to hide me. I don’t know if they’ll be back. I can’t be found like this,” he lay back on the ground. She grabbed him under his arms and pulled him with all her strength into the doorway where she had hidden. She looked at him propped up in the doorway. “I’ll be right back, I swear,” she said.

Characters Rayna Larson Charlie Lansing Tom Vogue R. Ethan Phillips Maya Phillips Arnold Harrison Tomas La Saros Arthur La Saros Mark Bryson

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