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  • Amy Shannon

Old Story New Read: Passionate Retribution II by Amy Shannon

Book 2 of 3 in Passionate Retribution Series

#OSNR is Old Story New Read is a new set of promotions for my book that I wrote and have published years ago, but to gain new readership. I'm introducing my "old" stories to new readers, and hope that other authors will follow the same.

Synopsis: When ex-NYPD Detective turned Private Investigator Carly Edwards took on her ex-lover, Tyler Mathison as her partner four years ago, she never dreamed that she'd be investigating his murder. As the pain of his loss, fills her head, she finds herself trying to not only keep her personal life together, but keep her head on straight so she can focus on finding the new killer.

As she becomes encompassed by her own private pain, she learns that she not only has to deal with a murderer, but a stalker that won't let her be. As the past comes to the present and continues to haunt her, she needs to reevaluate her life and the lives of the loved ones around her. As always, Carly is bent on revenge, but is it for her own piece of mind or the safety of those she loves the most.

Excerpt CARLY EDWARDS SHUDDERED, as the seven Marines shot off three shots, perfectly in sync. She slowly raised her hand to her forehead in a solemn salute. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she watched the FBI Special agents, dressed perfectly in their Class A dress-uniforms, slowly fold the American Flag into the neat, tidy triangle. Lead Supervisory Special Agent Jason Williams slowly walked over to her and presented the flag. She nodded as he saluted and walked away. She slowly looked at the faces of the crowd. She grasped on to her brother’s hand and he kissed her cheek. “Are you all right?” Terry Edwards asked. She just shook her head and whispered quietly. “I won’t be OK for a long time.” “Steven and I are here for you, don’t worry,” he said, as he took his lover’s hand. “I know, thank you. I’ll see you two later. I have to get through this day.” The crowd slowly dispersed as she stared at the mahogany casket. She stood up and walked over to it. She carefully placed a red rose on the casket and kissed it. She walked over to the headstone that laid next to the casket and kneeled down. “Oh, Tommy, Daddy is with you now,” she cried. “He’ll take care of you,” she gently ran her fingers over the etching on the stone, Thomas Edwards-Mathison, infant son. Detective Leo Travers, dressed in his navy blue Class-A police dress uniform, walked over to her, and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Carly, the limo is waiting,” he said.

Character List Agnes Allen (CSU Tech) Anthony Harrington Captain Robin Anderson Carly Edwards Derek Walters Donald Murphy Dr. Hotaling Dr. Simon Phelps Edna Elliot Marshall Jack Edwards Jeff Travers Judge Alex Harrington Lead Supervisory Special Agent Jason Williams Leland Marshall Leo Travers limo driver Maggie Marshall Maya (nurse) Peter Barker Sam Haskell Special Agent Kyle Mathison Special Agent Tyler Mathison Susan Harrington Terry Edwards Warden Ellis Zach

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