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  • Amy Shannon

Old Story New Read: Passionate Retribution III by Amy Shannon

Book 3 of 3 in the Passionate Retribution Series

#OSNR is Old Story New Read is a new set of promotions for my book that I wrote and have published years ago, but to gain new readership. I'm introducing my "old" stories to new readers, and hope that other authors will follow the same.

Synopsis: Carly Edwards-Marshall, a private investigator in New York City, faces another emotional toll when someone so deeply close to her loses his life. Desperate for retribution, she is determined to find the one responsible for causing death and pain, while she has to deal with her own emotions of pain, grief and attraction for another man.

Carly and her family need to heal and move on with their lives while trying to find the answers they so desperately seek. Will Carly finally get her happily ever after or will retribution be too hard to pass up?

Excerpt: Carly ran towards the burning building. “Jack, Jack,” she yelled. Jared lifted his mask and turned around. “Carly, where were you?” he asked. “What do you mean?” she asked as she stared up at her ten-story apartment building, as flames shot out of the top floors. “Jack is inside. He thought you were in the building,” Jared said. “Oh, god, did everyone get out?” she cried. “My husband was in there. My friends. Peter. Derek. Where are they?” He put his arm around her. “Derek was inside but he got out. He was alone in the apartment. Are you sure Elliot was inside?” “I don’t know. I thought he’d be home by now. I was running late on a case.” His radio squawked incoherently. He lifted the radio to his mouth. “Repeat? Ten four,” he looked at Carly. “They’re bringing Jack and Elliot out now.” “How bad?” “They didn’t say,” he said. “I’m sorry. They didn’t say. Jack is our Chief, Carly.” “He’s been the goddamn chief for 30 years, he cannot die now. No fire has been able to get him yet!” she spat.

Characters: Carly Marshall Terry Edwards Dr. Steven Thompson Jared Duffy Elliot Marshall Fire Chief Jack Edwards Peter Barker Derek Walters Dr. Armstrong Jane Leo Travers Officer Sean Jackson Leland Marshall Detective Allison Mitchell Lead Supervisory Special Agent Jason Williams Dr. Madison (ME at City Morgue) Detective Zach Durant Alice Watkins SSA Daniel Commissioner Rolland

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