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  • Amy Shannon

Old Story New Read: Preyfiler by Amy Shannon

Book 2 of 2 in the Profiler's Series

#OSNR is Old Story New Read is a new set of promotions for my book that I wrote and have published years ago, but to gain new readership. I'm introducing my "old" stories to new readers, and hope that other authors will follow the same.

Synopsis: Special Agent Andrea Wallace focuses on her new job as she tries to come to terms with her break up with John Marshall, and deal with a mandated new-found friendship with Police Chief, Bill Caldwell.

Andrea's new protocols and procedures for dealing with stalkers becomes her greatest investigating tools, However, her past as a stalking victim gives her more insight into the new cases.

She keeps being pulled back into the murderous world of one of her former stalkers, even though he sits in a prison cell. Will she be able to deal with her feelings for the men around her as well as keep her focus? Will John’s return comfort or hinder her hard work? The past is always one step in front of her, threatening her own control.

Excerpt: ANDREA WALLACE GOT out of her car as she wedged her cellphone between her chin and shoulder. “Yeah, I just got here,” she said, opening the back door of her car. “Ralphy and I have to report in and then, I’m off for the rest of the week. Carla, let me call you back when I finish.” “Of course,” Dr. Carla Secada-Westphall said. “He is coming back to town you know.” “I heard,” she said. “I can’t deal with John right now. I have to focus on … Carla, I’ll call you back when I get home.” “Just call me later and kiss Ralphy’s nose for me,” she hung up. Andrea put her cell phone in the back pocket of her blue jeans and stared at Ralphy. “Kommen,” she commanded her German Shepard in his native language. Ralphy trotted out of the car and looked up at her, waiting for his next command. “Sitz,” she said, as she connected the leash to his collar. She lightly straightened out his K-9 badge that hung from his collar. “You look so handsome. Perfect for seeing the Chief.” Ralphy growled slightly and tilted his head to the left side. “No, we’re not discussing John right now,” she held on to his leash. “Spaziergang,” she instructed him to walk. She opened the front door to the Hilltown Police Department and headed over to the front desk. “Yes, Special Agent Andrea Wallace,” she showed her FBI credentials. “We’re here to see Chief Caldwell.” Don stared at her and shook his head. “I know who you are, Agent,” he laughed. “Protocol,” she smiled. “Do you need to see Ralph’s ID?” “Too funny,” he smirked, as he leaned over the counter. “Looking good, Ralph.” He smiled. “Is the Chief expecting you?” “I think he thought we’d be here next week, but I closed my case in Detroit earlier than expected. If he’s busy, I can check in later.”

Characters: Andrea Wallace Ralphy Carla Secada Westphall Don William "Bill" Caldwell Claudia Marcell Sally Helen Chris Reeves Tabitha John Marshall Wayne Westphall Simon Barker Ellen Strauss Warden Smythe Donald Scott Peterson Edward Lynch Reynaldo Owens Maxwell Brian Harmon Tim Shepard

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