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Amy's Poetry Collections FREE Promo!

On June 9th, in celebration of my birthday, I set up a free promotion for both of my poetry books (on Kindle only). The FREE books will be available on Amazon.com. So, take save the date to not only get a FREE copy of my poetry, but when you finish, please leave a review.

Unbroken Souls

When I write novels and stories, the thoughts come directly from my mind, my imagination and go straight to paper. The characters are the voices in my head.

However, when I write poetry, it comes straight from my soul to paper. The words I write in prose are not thoughts but the only words I can use to describe what is part of me, inside of me.

Amy Shannon is an American storyteller and author. She normally publishes stories, but this time she's putting together a different kind of story ... stories of emotions. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. This is the first time her poetry has been put into a collection of emotional prose.

Tattered Words

Call it poetry, call it thoughts, but whatever it is, I must put it on paper the minute it crosses my mind or it will be lost forever. I sometimes share these random thoughts that cross my mind, and sometimes, I keep them to myself. However, here I am sharing more. Not a sequel, but more like a continuation of my poetry book “Unbroken Souls”. A natural thought process of creativity, imagination, inspiration and emotions. Some emotions that get shared, and some I keep for myself. I do not always have to feel it, I just have to write it. Welcome to my Tattered Words.


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