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Win a paperback copy of "Depths of Characters: A writer’s resource & workbook for character

A random winner will be selected from entrants who participate in one of the exercises from the workbook. The workbook will also be signed by the author.

In order to enter the contest, entrants are to enter their answers in at least ONE of the exercises that are also from the book.

The book is a workbook, resource and tool for writers, both new and experienced.

There are three exercises selected from the workbook. Entries are to be sent via EMAIL to

writeramyshannon@gmail.com, with the word "entry" listed in the subject.

The exercise MUST be entered in the body of the email, attachments will not be accepted, and will be automatically deleted.

This contest is to run from 10/8/19-11/7/19


Exercise 1: (Section "Backstory") Write a three-paragraph backstory for each of the following characters:

Emmett Wayne Wallace, accountant by day, serial killer by night---

Exercise 2: (Section "Nonhuman") Write a flash fiction of no more than 500 words about a dog named “Thor”

Exercise 3: (Section "Historical") : Using a character named “Leonard Maxwell” for each scenario, write a paragraph that fits the era he lands in.

• 1800’s • WWI • WWII • The Roaring 20’s • 1963 • 1984 • 1884


The winner will be notified by Email at the conclusion of the contest, and at that time, they would need to supply a mailing address to send the signed paperback book.

Thank you.

Amy Shannon


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