• Amy Shannon

Happy Birthday to Passionate Retribution

Passionate Retribution was originally published on August 20 2014. It ended up being the first book in the Passionate Retribution Series.


Ex- Detective Carly Edwards, recovering from a horrifying attack, is determined to bring her attacker to justice - especially when the police prove to be of no use. With the help of friends, she begins to reconstruct her life. As the past collides with the present, Carly is determined to make the alleged attacker pay for his crime. Suddenly, love appears out of two different directions and she needs to decide. As events and emotions play havoc in her mind, she fears losing control. Soon, friends and family are being injured or killed, and she becomes more determined than ever to get retribution. But is the price too high to pay? Will it cost Carly her life? Or her friend’s lives?

Crime Drama mixed with romance.

Book 1 in the Passionate Retribution Series. All books are stand alone books.

This book is available only on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com


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