• Amy Shannon

Happy Birthday to Unbroken Souls

Unbroken Souls was originally published on July 30 2014

Blurb: Unbroken Souls is a collection of Poetry by Author Amy Shannon.

When I write novels and stories, the thoughts come directly from my mind, my imagination and go straight to paper. The characters are the voices in my head.

However, when I write poetry, it comes straight from my soul to paper. The words I write in prose are not thoughts but the only words I can use to describe what is part of me, inside of me.

Amy Shannon is an American storyteller and author. She normally publishes stories, but this time she's putting together a different kind of story ... stories of emotions. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. This is the first time her poetry has been put into a collection of emotional prose.

This was the first poetry book released by Amy Shannon. The second one is called Tattered Words.

This book is available only on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com


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